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The Monocle Shop

2A George St., W1U 3QS

The Monocle Shop is far from a gift shop. Think of it more as a curated group of products that are strategically aligned with the lifestyle of the Monocle reader.

The small shop — we kid you not, it’s only 9sqm — houses a few obvious items such as back issues of the magazine and the popular Porter bags, but it also plays host to a menagerie of merchandise from knitwear to stationery. Items at any one time can include, but are not limited to: coffee table books, lush toiletries, socks, scented candles and large-scale prints designed for the title.

Monocle has made a name for itself as the thinking man’s guide to life. Consider this a personal nudge in the right direction from Tyler Brûlé.

Words: Anthony Hagan


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