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5 Leonard St., EC2A 4AQ

GRAB Thai Street Kitchen by Mansikkamäki+JOY

A few minutes’ walk from Old Street Station sits the recently opened GRAB Thai Street Kitchen — a new concept in Thai cuisine. GRAB believes good Thai food does not have to be a once-in-a-blue-moon fine dining experience, instead, GRAB returns to the simplicity of Thailand’s urban street food culture — tasty, affordable and everyday. Customers walk into an accessible array of freshly prepared dishes with curries dispensed from behind the counter. Good food can be fast.

Mansikkamäki+JOY, in collaboration with Lifeforms Design, create an urban street atmosphere by translating affordable construction materials and street furniture into a clean and minimal interior space. Menus hang off a wall of backlit wooden pallets, whilst corrugated metal sheets line some of the neighbouring vertical surfaces. Large globe light bulbs are suspended from a web of red and blue cables, hang from the generous ceiling, reminiscent of the lively scenes of Bangkok. Communal tables were made in-house using the by-products of the restaurant’s construction and are coupled with the iconic red plastic stools that are so integral to the image of urban street vending in Thailand. An easy-going atmosphere, raw design and simple materials allow the food to speak for itself.


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