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Labour and Wait

85 Redchurch St., E2 7DJ

This is simply a store of functional objects. Feather dusters, fountain pens, satchels, garden trowels, outerwear, Zippo lighters, preserving jars, mini outdoor survival kits; these are the items that have been designed to withstand the test of time. Walking through the shop is a bit like walking through your parent’s garage. It’s full of products that just don’t seem to be able to weather.

Owners Rachel Wythe-Moran and Simon Watkins both come from the world of menswear design where they had grown tired of redesigning products season after season. Taken from Longfellow’s idiom, “Learn to labour and to wait,” the shop was conceived by the pair in 2000 as a place to buy timeless, well-designed products that would always be around. In essence, they pay homage to the products that have earned the status associated with being ‘classic’.

The shop is now located on Redchurch Street in East London in what used to be an old Truman Brewery pub. The green brick building on the corner is hard to miss and well worth a look inside. The prices are no more than you would expect for things like doorstops and canning jars. You’ll be guaranteed to find an object that makes your life just a little bit better.

Words: Anthony Hagan


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