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Tapped & Packed (No. 26)

26 Rathbone Place, W1T 1JD

Perched at the top of Rathbone Place, Tapped & Packed is just far enough from the commotion of Oxford Street to attract a local crowd looking for quality and convenience.

During the summer months a freshly squeezed orange juice from an ice-packed butler sink is our favourite accompaniment to a carrot cake or a seasonal sandwich. Dropping in for a quick coffee however is good at all times of the day as service is prompt and practical. Prices are reasonable and the quality excellent.

If you can find somewhere to perch all the better, but at times this can be difficult, if not impossible so be prepared to swoop on any empty seats or stroll over to their latest shop, Tapped & Packed Wardour Street where there is more space to stay a while.

A winter visit is hard to resist when walking down Rathbone Place. The glow of the squirrel tail lightbulbs make it feel like a home from home. It’s also the perfect season to follow the habits of the locals and take advantage of the healthy breakfasts such as porridge and muesli.

Connoisseurs of kitsch cutlery will be glad to find a notable collection of decorative spoons that can have only been collected from hundreds of grandparents houses.

Words: Elliot Hammer


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